“MD PROJECT INSTITUT” is a specialised, accreditated and licences company situated in Nis with a mission of lifting the awarenessof the clients and all the interested parties aboutthe importance of implementation of the basic principles, as well as stressing the importance of constant improving of occupational safety and health, environment protection and fire protection.

Ever since its foundation, the company continuously invests in improvement of the existing and development of new services, with the special attention to the constant education of the employees and modernization of the equipment.

In previous period, because of its quality business management “MD PROJECT INSTITUTE” positioned its self to the very top of the economics subjects that provide services in the field of occupational safety and health, fire protection and environment protection. With a successful management we have provided our own modern and comfortable work space, the most modern equipment and instruments and in that way secured favorable working conditions and work effectiveness.

The business is being managed form two locations in Nis: TrgKralja Aleksandra Ujedinitelja 2/5 (the headquarters, offices and laboratory) and Visokog Stevana 11 (welding center and workshop for fire extinguisher service).

The company’s field of work has constantly been expanding and today it is a modern company that employs over 30 (thirty) highly educated professionals and graduate engineers of various profiles (mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, environmental engineers, fire protection engineers, occupational safety engineers, chemical engineers, technological engineers, industrial management engineers), so that the company is technically equipped to answer the numerous demands from potential clients.

For carrying out its business “MD PROJECT INSTITUT” has the appropriate licenses, authorizations and decisions of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Environment and the Serbian Chamber of Engineers, the certificate of accreditation of laboratories for testing emissions, noise, waste and surface water issued by Accreditation Body of Serbia according to SRPS ISO / IEC 17025 Standard and certification of accreditation of the quality control department according to SRPS ISO / IEC 17020 Standard.

The quality of the provided services is guaranteed by implementation of the integrated management system (IMS), or in other words the series of ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000 Standards. The implementation of these Standards confirms that the management and all the employees of “MD PROJECT INSTITUT” have the same mission and vision, that we all have the same goal, that we all think ahead and look beyond the mere coordination with the regulations and that we all have the proactive approach to the work control and management.

What makes “MD PROJECT INSTITUT” stand out is that we approach every client individually with the special care and in accordance with the client’s needs, we take all the responsibility regarding the quality of the provided services and with our knowledge and experience we save our clients time and money and we are always available.

The most valuable thing that “MD PROJECT INSTITUT” possesses is its employees. The success of “MD PROJECT INSTITUT” can be seen in personal and professional success of every individual employee. We have the team of highly educated engineers, trained and professional people who can satisfy the client needs whit their knowledgein their particular field of expertise.

The ultimate goal of “MD PROJECT INSTITUT” is to become the leading company in its field in Serbia and also the reliable partner to its clients while providing services in the field of workplace safety and health, fire protection and environment protection by constantlylifting the level of service quality (quality work, respect of the deadlines, affordable prices), permanent satisfaction of the requirements and fulfillment of the clients’ expectations at the same time respecting the regulations and other normative acts, as well as regulations of the international quality standards systems by effectively and efficiently using its resources.

The earned trust of our clients represents the greatest pleasure and gives us satisfaction for the services provided. The success of “MD PROJECT INSTITUT” is the success of our clients. We are proud of our successful cooperation with over 6000 clients from different fields of economy in Serbia.

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